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Fabulous for Business Travel

When I use this app, I stop hearing all the hotel noise. It also helps me relax by visualizing the beach or the thunderstorm and that slips into my dreaming about the beach or vacation thunderstorms. The longer lengths are great. You can set it to loop indefinitely.

I have been waiting a LONG time for this

Thanks so much for getting all these Environments tracks in one place and for a more than fair price. I bought many of the cassettes for these back in the day and used them all the time for sleep and meditation until they were literally unusable. I have been looking for years for CDs to replace these but only a few were ever produced, and not the ones I wanted, such as Ultimate Thunderstorm, Tintinnabulation, et.al. It was worth the wait!

Highly recommended!

I love this app! Listening to the soothing, calming sounds of ocean waves from the ultimate seashore is the perfect way to get a good night’s sleep.

Fantastic presentation of these fantastic recordings

I gotta hand it to the Numero Group, this app is great. When acquiring the Environments series, rather than doing a CD/Vinyl/Download reissue like their other releases, they had the thought to update for the 21st century and make an app. 22 long form, stereo analogue audio recordings of nature await you here. Is this fewer than other white noise apps? Yes, but what those lack is length, and quality. Also included here is a brief history of Irv Teibel, and the Environments series, which is nice (but if you’re looking for more, check out the Atlas Obscura article. Turns out the Environments series was one of the first audio recordings to be edited on a computer. A big analogue mainframe one, but a computer none the less). I have two small nitpicks: The audio mix on the recordings is a little hot. As I write this I’m listening to “A Country Stream”, and have my volume at roughly 15%, and it’s still really loud. A recent update adds front and back LP cover art scans, which is fantastic, but sadly there’s no way to make the pictures larger to read the original write ups for each recording. But really that’s it. It’s a phenomenal app.

Good app/needs a tweak

I love the app, so does everyone that learns about it. But it badly needs two fixes: 1. The infinite loop button doesn’t work 2. Every time a text or phone call come in, the track does not come back on once the notification is finished. I need to manually go to my device and press play again

I Normally Don’t Do This

Rarely do I review anything. However this app is an exception. A lovely idea flawlessly executed! Do yourself a huge favor and get it.

Best APP

MT Coast says best app ever created and I agree with MT Coast, this is the best app ever created! Thanks MT Coast!

Simply Wonderful

My entire family uses his app — including my wife and outer two boys. Forget about what people are saying about “noise.” These are analog recordings and that’s unavoidable. But to listen to ACTUAL sounds from our world, from over 40 years ago is amazing and VERY meditative. HIGHLY RECCOMMEND!

Great app, I'd personally like a few minor tweaks

I really love the concept of the app! I had been starting to collect the LPs although rarely played them but use the app most every night. A few improvements would be great. First a dedicated button to the track list would be helpful rather than swiping through. Also since many of these field recordings feature chirping birds they don't make the best sleep sounds, however they would be perfect in the morning if the app could be developed to include an alarm function.

No waterfall

Can’t imagine why there is no waterfall on this app.

Does not loop seamlessly

Better off looping the albums, they’re all on Apple Music.

Stunning & useful

Perfect! Great for yoga, easing the mind during illness or pain, calming a fussy baby, quieting or focusing the mind. Beautifully designed and easy to use!

Another hit from the Numero Group

Numero Group have constantly been innovators in the reissue game. Innovators both in the work that they reissue but also in the form in which they release it. From records with hardback books of photography to LP/DVD sets celebrating short live dance TV shows, they’ve done it all. And they’ve carefully matched the form to the content. Reissuing these historically important field recordings as an app continues that trend. This will allow new generations of people to fall asleep or meditate to these masterpieces. And it’s a well made app, too.

I sleep like a baby now

Some night I sleep to a summer rain storm; other nights I let the sounds of the ocean waves caress me to sleep. This app has provided me with the best nights of sleep that I have had in years.


I had no idea who Irv Treibel was until I saw his name on a Numero Group Instagram post. Turns out Irv is exactly who I need in my life. I spend hundreds of hours per year on airplanes trying to ignore/drown out/avoid the din of travel - and this app is EXACTLY what I’ve been looking for. Often I’m working and music can get distracting, or sleeping and it’s the same thing. Coupled with my Bose noise cancelling headphones - this app has made me super happy.

Mini-vacation at Will

These 22 full-length recordings have been beautifully reinvented for the 21st century. You can turn off modern noise and float off to anywhere you want. Bliss on tap, with free refills.

Stay in, tune in, drop out.

The best way to go outside without actually going outside.

🚫Don’t fall for the hype...

This showed up on some website as the most amazing environmental sound app ever. I thought it would be worth the three bucks. It isn’t. The recordings are long, that’s about all. They lack any kind of clarity, stereo separation, interest. You can hear audio levels go up and down, especially on the tracks of thunder when the audio is obviously clipped on the thunderclaps. And some of the recordings are just confusing (e.g. blizzard sounds like it was recorded inside with the house interior falling apart). This was an instant regretted purchase - no wonder they don’t have an in app purchase that lets you preview it first. Don’t waste your money on this one.

THE app for relaxation and sleep assistance

If you’re like me, silence is deafening. I can’t fall asleep at night without some sort of white noise/sfx type thing playing. During the day, i need the same sorts of thing to quiet my mind. This is the best app of its kind, hands down. Besides having hours and hours of beautiful, natural sounding audio recordings of unique and varied environments (hence the name of the app), as well as a few new age and proto ambient pieces, the interface is dead simple to use. Make playlists of your favorite sound recordings (each one over 30 minutes long), play any one recording on a loop, and get the background behind this unique collection of recordings (all made on analog equipment back in the ‘70s). All that and more for one low price, paid one time, and then you have an ad-free app to enjoy for as long as you’d like. I cannot recommend this app enough!

Pocket meditation

I sleep with a white noise machine. I might as well leave a vacuum running. Environments taps into something deeper. Imagine your device reducing your stress for once.

Great for calm & focus

I love that this isn’t short clips of synthetic sounds but actual long form field recordings...without ads! I’m a writer and this has been great for me to work with in the headphones. It really helps create a state of calm focus. Can’t wait to use it on an airplane. Thanks to the developers for making a simple and pure ambient sound app.

Numero Group does it again.

While I’m not familiar with many other instances of a musical release being (re-)issued as an app, this shows the promise in the format. The field recordings foot to an app spectacularly well, and the app itself features straightforward navigation and additional context surrounding the person behind the recordings. Well done Numero!

Wonderful app!

This is a perfect way to chill out. Wonderful sounds of nature. Do yoga with these sounds. Brilliant idea to get it all in an app. Enjoy.

Best in class

The best app of its kind due to the long, high quality recordings. I put my phone in airplane mode and sleep with this every night


this is the atmospheric app I have been waiting for! no cheesy loops. Deep authentic Sounds. Navigation is easy and intuitive. I couldn’t be happier about this. As a meditation facilitator I find this an indispensable tool for guiding relaxing sits, and I find I use it personally to help unwind for the hectic noise of everyday living.

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